The Limes, Manchester

Each room is provided with bedding, a sink and a fridge. The following facilities are also available:

  • Shared kitchens with kitchen furniture & cookers on each floor
  • Furnished communal lounges with TV and video recorder available to all service users
  • Games room, with a slate bed pool table
  • Furnished Contact Room with TV & DJ mixing centre
  • Access to tuck shop
  • Computer room with internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Conference room, which offers privacy for linkworking, interviews and other meetings.
  • DIY room for teaching basic pre- tenancy skills.


Courses are organised intermittenly to prepare residents for life outside the hostel:

Sport leadership training.

Referral Form for Sport Leadership

TT Referral Form

Healthy lifestyle.

Pre- tenancy training course

Growing vegetables.

Project History

Initially the Limes was owned by a well to do butcher in the Manchester area. This was confirmed to us via the community in the area, during an open day at our project.

In the 1970s the Hostel was used to accommodate young ladies; mainly student nurses connected to the church, where the Manager lived. A housekeeper and cook were employed to work there and meals were provided to all. One cannot say for sure, but we have heard tales of strawberry teas being enjoyed in the Rose Garden during the summer time!

In 1985 it changed to a mixed hostel owned by Chapter 1, before becoming an all male hostel.

Our Referral Process

The agreed referral routes are:

  • MDA (Men’s Direct Access)
  • Social Services Aftercare Teams
  • Sunrise Project
  • City Centre Project
  • Refugee Action
  • Other agencies

All About The Limes

 The Limes News letter Summer Autumn

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