Poem by a Chapter 1 Client

02 AUG 2016

Do you Remember


Do you remember how perfect it was, we met for the first time,

You told me how I was beautiful and said “I want you to be mine”

Do you remember we’d laugh and joke together and everything would feel bliss,

You ‘d tell me how you love me and give me a kiss

 Do you remember we had our first baby and I felt secure,

I had my own family that I could love and adore.

 But suddenly you became mad and I didn’t know why,

You told me thinks that would make me cry.

What have I done wrong? Is there something I could do right?

It was no use, ding ding begin the fight!

Scared of what tomorrow would bring as the night grew nigh,

Lying in my bed aching, thinking why oh why.

Trying to be quite as I whimper in my bed,

Trying to make sense of all this mess in my head.

It would all be forgotten in a blink of an eye,

And I’d think of how much I love this guy.

Before long, thinks got worse and I’d lost my way,

They said they’d take my baby away.

 I knew I had to make a decision quick so I started to pack,

A voice was saying “GET OUT QUICK AND DON’T LOOK BACK”

 So my baby and I went off into the night,

Keep looking forward until we saw a light.

Time has now past and I have moved on,

All I can give now is love to my son.

 For my baby now I will do my best

He will be brought up to be loyal, respectable, loving and honest.

 You were such a monster, with a very bad temper,


Do you remember


I am a that girl who is beautiful and confident, not a mat under the door,

So therefore not nothing nor no one will bring me down once more!