Kingsley House, Southampton

Dissability Access

Following on from the houses are a selection of Assured Tenancy flats, where skills can be finalised before looking for independent accommodation, usually through the private sector as Council accommodation in Southampton carries a 7 year waiting list.

All in all the scheme houses 71 young people.

Upon joining the scheme, clients will agree a support plan which they are expected to work towards.

Commitment is required to enable them to develop themselves and move through the service to eventual independence.

15 staff members ensure that the scheme runs smoothly & 8 of these are dedicated support staff.

Criteria for entry to the scheme are: an established local connection (min. 6 months), identifiable support needs & aged 16-25.

Gosport is a 3 bed residential home for individuals who suffer from mental health disorders, learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Support is managed by a separate company called YOU (formerly Southern Focus Trust), and all support is negotiated and tailor-made from acceptance by YOU. All enquiries regarding Gosport should be made via Kingsley House.

Our Referral Process

The agreed referral routes are:

  • Southampton City Council
  • Social Services, Aftercare Team
  • Probation Officers
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Other agencies

For Gosport, the referral process is strictly through Gosport and Fareham Social Services, Learning Disabilities Team. Persons must originate from within this area.