Chapter 1 Services

2nd Chance Furniture, Nuneaton

Binswood Lodge, Leamington Spa


Calverley Hill, Tunbridge Wells

Christopher House, Yeovil

Chy Lowen, St Austell

Dashwood House, Pembridge Square

Ellen Wren House, Southampton

FareShare, Liverpool

Freshstart, St Austell 

Graham house, Weston-super-Mare

Homerton Space, London

Jatis, Torquay

Kingsley House, Southampton

Leonard Stock Centre, Torquay

Margaret House, Weston-super-Mare

McCarthy House, Southampton

Mildmay, Liverpool

Miriam House, Southampton

Mulberry House, Guildford

Newbold Lodge, Leamington Spa  

Nuneaton Link-up, Nuneaton

Preston Contact Centre, Preston

River House, Andover

St Andrew's House, Exmouth

Stephen house, Walthamstow

SW Surrey Outreach
The Contact Centre, Exeter

The Grapevine Centre, Exeter

The Limes, Mancheste

Turner House, St Leonard's-on-Sea

Warford Lodge, Leamington Spa

Xenia Student Hostel


River House, Andover                                               FreshStart,  St Austell

Buckingham                                                              Turner House, St Leonard's-on-Sea

Chy Lowen, St Austell                                               Kingsley House, Southampton

The Grapevine Centre, Exeter                                   Miriam House, Southampton

The Contact Centre, Exeter                                       Ellen Wren House, Southampton

St Andrew's House, Exmouth                                    McCarthy House, Southampton

Mulberry House, Guildford                                         Homerton Space, London 

Binswood Lodge, Leamington Spa                            Jatis, Torquay

Newbold Lodge, Leamington Spa                             Calverley Hill, Tunbridge Wells

Warford Lodge, Leamington Spa                              Stephen house, Walthamstow

FareShare, Liverpool                                                 Margaret House, Weston-super-Mare

Mildmay, Liverpool                                                    Graham house, Weston-super-Mare

The Limes, Manchester                                             Christopher House, Yeovil

Nuneaton Link-up, Nuneaton                                    Freshstart, St Austell                  

2nd Chance Furniture, Nuneaton                              Preston Contact Centre, Preston

Dashwood House, Pembridge Square                      Leonard Stock Centre, Torquay

SW Surrey Outreach                                                       Xenia Student Hostel